Modifying a car tends to make it more of an arse to use every day. Lower it and you’ll be scraping the chin on every multi-storey ramp. Firm up the suspension for better handling and the ride will crock your back. Fit a body kit and people will think you can’t let go of your late teenage years. It’s a minefield.

But what if you want to modify your supercar so that it actually works in a field that has been blown to bits by mines? Well, the images above prove it can certainly be done.

Yep, that’s an off-road ready Lamborghini Gallardo. Amazing.

Now, it’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen a go-anywhere Lambo (we’re not including you here, Urus). In fact, earlier this year Lamborghini themselves gave us the Huracan Sterrato – a jacked-up, hardened version of the V10 supercar.