Last week Toyota confirmed that sales of the Land Cruiser had passed the 10 million mark. Ten million! That’s a ridiculous number, even when you consider that the indestructible 4×4 (in all of its various forms) has been in production for the past 68 years.

There’s one generation of the Land Cruiser that remains the most iconic, though – the impossibly cool FJ40. Fancy owning one? Of course you do.

You’re in luck too – this painstakingly-restored example is currently up for sale at Eclectic Auctions. And it is lovely.

The 40 Series was initially launched back in 1960, but this is a far later 1981 version that was built in the Japanese factory (not all Land Cruisers were). It was well specced when it was new, too – the boxes for power steering and air conditioning were both ticked at the showroom. This is great news. We’re assured the air con is ‘ice cold’ and the heater ‘piping hot’.