Meet the fasted naked electric motorbike in the world. This is the bike Nottingham University have developed for the Isle of Man TT’s Zero race, but as a tribute to its fallen rider, it’s been tweaked for straight-line speed and spent last weekend at Elvington Airfield in York racking up five different records.

At the, um, handlebars was Zef Eisenberg, a rider for the MadMax Race Team alongside Daley Mathison.

Mathison took this bike to three TT Zero podiums between 2016 and ‘18, but he was tragically killed at the TT this summer before he had the chance to ride the bike for the fourth time.

“This year he was meant to ride this bike for Nottingham University to go head to head with Mugen, Honda’s £40m lovechild, who beat everyone in the Zero. This was going to be a real head to head,” Eisenberg tells Top Gear. “After his accident in the Superbike race I said to his wife ‘this is unfinished business. I am going to make this a world record glory bike, take it and do something really special with it.’

“These are not the speeds you achieve at the TT, you need a different set-up. So we’ve upped the power for covering 1.5 miles, not 37, and got it fully approved under the FIM, which is very hard with electric bikes.

“It’s now got around 255bhp. We had to get as much power from the lithium-ion battery to the motor without the battery catching fire. We worked until 3am on the dyno doing back-to-back tests to get every ounce of power out of the batteries before they got too hot. We got to our hotel in Yorkshire at 5am and then raced at 10am.”