“Who are these strange people and what are they doing hanging around my Byton M-Byte?”

… is what you could be saying in 2021, or even as early as the middle of 2020 if you live in China, you lucky thing.

Whilst it may not have the most attractive name, the M-Byte is an interesting proposition. You might remember its massive 48-inch curved display screen from when we first saw shots of the interior. And yep, that screen has made production. It’ll be the largest display ever fitted to a production car, in fact. You’ll then be able to control the main screen from either the 7-inch one on the steering wheel, or the 8-incher in the usual spot.

Byton describes the M-Byte as a ‘Premium Smart Electric SUV’ – all of which are usually code words for ‘extremely expensive and unobtainable for now’. But the prices aren’t as outrageous as you’d expect. There will be two configurations from launch, the cheapest of which will set you back €45,000 (£40,210) excluding VAT. For that you’ll get a single, rear-mounted electric motor putting out 268bhp and with 72kWh of battery capacity – meaning 224 miles of range.