When I was younger we had a decent sized garden and my dad was into motorbikes, so when I was four he bought me a quad bike. When he took me to a bumpy motocross track I couldn’t keep up with the guys out there though, so I basically said “I want a motocross bike.” 

So, when I was six years old he came home one day with a 50cc KTM, and that’s where my motocross days began. It was a desire to keep up with the boys. 

I remember being young and sat on the start line at races, with my dad and my granddad there. It was a big thing that we did as a family and it brought me closer to my dad when most girls are closer with their mums. I’m still super close with my mum, but it was special to be able to share that time with my dad and my granddad.

After the KTM I upgraded to a 60cc Kawasaki, I was only eight years old. Then I did the British girls’ championship and came second. 

After that though I stopped for a few years and did gymnastics – I was definitely the elephant of the group as it were – but then I started motocross again when I was 12 years old and carried on racing until I was 16 and riding 125cc bikes.  

I took my driving test for cars as soon as I was 17. It was really cool because my granddad was one of the first people to take me out and help me learn to drive just after my birthday. He passed away later that year but he’d seen me pass my test before he died, so that was pretty magical. I passed with one minor too, so I’ll take that. 

My first car was an electric blue Mini Cooper with big alloy wheels, and at one point I had a Cooper S convertible too. That had bits and bobs of John Cooper Works tuning done to it and was pretty quick in the end – too fast for me on the road, to be honest. I might have got a speeding ticket in that. 

I was sponsored by Jeep for a while too, so I’ve had two or three Renegades which I absolutely loved. It was such a contrast to the Minis and it was really enjoyable to drive something much bigger and more comfortable than I was used to. 

They really helped me with my driving in general as well. Obviously, I’m now used to driving in the snow and in all sorts of different conditions.