Not even slightly. Besides the usual array of stickers for the airbags and so-on, the McLaren 720S Spider (with an ‘i’) really ought to come with one that warns you how appallingly some British motorists behave when they see a flash car.The last thing you want is a car that on top of attracting vast amounts of attention, is really very uncomfortable and quite difficult to drive on actual roads. In effect, a supercar. I mean, a Rolls-Royce Phantom attracts its fair share of oglers, but its opulence shields you from them. Literally, if you spec the curtains.Supercars have no such luxury – much of the time they’re uncomfortable, tight inside yet massive outside and have engines/gearboxes that don’t much like going slowly. Talk about compounding the problem.Which is why we really like the McLaren 720S. It does slowly just as well as it does quickly (very), and is no more challenging or intimidating to drive than a 5 Series BMW. So your brain remains free to focus on dodging the fools looking at you (through their iPhone screens) more intensely than where they’re going.