Don’t panic, but Chevrolet’s ridiculously cool, one-of-a-kind electric Camaro drag racer is going up for auction at the end of this week. Yep, it’s time to gather those pennies.

The car is officially known as the eCOPO Camaro Concept, paying homage to the dealer-modified Central Office Production Order (COPO) Camaros of the late 1960s. Whilst those came with cast iron 425bhp Corvette engines though, the eCOPO houses a suitably modern 700bhp electric powertrain.

Sacrilege in a muscle car, you might think. And yet, given that the 600lb ft of torque is all available from zero rpm, this Camaro will do a standing quarter mile in under ten seconds. Vin Diesel would be proud.

The power comes from two electric motors which are connected to four separate battery packs. Handily though, drag racing calls for plenty of weight over the rear wheels, so two of the 80kg batteries are in the boot and two are in place of the back seats. Let’s have three cheers for weight distribution!