An AMG GT that’s ready for an audition for next year’s Love Island. It’s been to the gym, got swole and then had a cosmetic facelift (check out those new, slightly squinter headlights) so it looks – what do people from Essex say? – reem. Oh, then had some green rave paint applied to let you know it’s here for a good time. Joking aside, this ladies and gents, is the AMG GT-R Pro: a £188k track-focused variant of Merc’s long-bonneted muscle car that now sits at the top of the AMG GT tree.  Oooooo ‘Pro’. That’s sounds rather try-hard.Well, it’s got the credentials to back it up. Even though it has no more power than a standard AMG GT R (577bhp) and the same Michelin Cup 2 tyres, this new Pro is around seven seconds a lap faster around the Nurburgring Nordschleife than that car. Late last year, it clocked a time of 7min 4.6secs, stealing the crown off itself and making it one of the fastest front-engined road cars ever to lap the Green Hell. Remember, the GT R was dubbed the ‘Beast of the Green Hell’. So this must be, erm, ‘Beastier of the Green Hell’.