Good point. Since the Chiron’s launch in 2016, Top Gear has probably covered more miles in the ultimate expression of speed and luxury than most Chiron owners. Our Chiron story started with Harris’s world-exclusive first drive of the car in Dubai, including several vmax runs on a 2.8-mile-long deserted runway where the car’s capabilities for battering physics in the pursuit of speed became abundantly clear.Last year, I was tasked with delivering the Chiron to our annual Speed Week event (well, someone had to do it). That 400-mile journey from Bugatti HQ in Molsheim to Clermont-Ferrand demonstrated another side of the car’s capability – namely its ability to cover distance with effortless ease. It’s these two sides of the Bugatti’s personality that separate it from most of the opposition. There are fast cars, there are luxury cars and there are cars that consume mileage with incredible ease, but the Chiron combines all of these core skills in one package, and that is what makes it different. At last year’s Geneva motor show, Bugatti announced the Chiron Sport – a more track-focused iteration of the Chiron. Following a last-minute call from the factory – sometimes you have to pinch yourself – that’s what we’re here to drive on road and track.