Stuttgart. Lovely as it is, it’s not exactly a holiday destination. Probably worth a trip though, for a day at the Porsche Museum if nothing else.

Until the 15th of September it’s hosting an exhibition called “Colours of Speed”, celebrating 50 years of one of the world’s most famous race cars – the 917. And you should go.

Why? Because it’s the only place you’re ever going to see ten 917’s – with 7,490bhp between them – in the same place at the same time.

The highlight is 917-001. Painstakingly restored by Porsche itself over the last year, it’s the first-ever 917 and thus worth tens of millions. Then there’s the two Le Mans-winning short-tail 917s (from 1970 and ‘71), the 917 PA Spyder and long-tail and turbo versions.

Other exhibits include a 1:1 model created in 2013 by Porsche engineers to show what a modern-day 917 might look like, and much besides.

Scroll through the pics up top and have gawp. Then book some flights to Stuttgart.