A motorsport convertible. Say what?Yep, the needs and wishes of keen drivers and keen tanners rarely overlap, but there’s more to this Speedster than meets the eye. Overseen by Andreas Preuninger – affectionally known as ‘Mr GT3’ – it has every bit as much credibility as the 911 GT3 and GT2 models, despite appearing, on first acquaintance, a bit tartier. For want of a more eloquent word.Beneath the skin, its chassis is a cocktail of 911 Cabriolet and GT3 bits, with the latter’s screaming 4.0-litre flat-six slotted behind the back axle. Only here it’s tuned to be even sharper, even harder cored. Yikes.
So while a new, emissions-focused exhaust system lowers the volume a bit, the engine gets individual throttle bodies and even higher-pressure direction injection, freeing another 10bhp (power now totalling 503bhp) and making the throttle even more responsive than before. The auto blip function of the manual gearbox is now so finely developed, even Preuninger himself never turns it off for DIY heel-and-toeing. Though rest assured you still can turn it off, driving nerds.