Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, the subject of the above gallery is a restomodded Trabant. Things may have got out of hand.

The Trabant was a stoic symbol of communism in the 20th century. It was built in East Germany for around three decades, from the late 1950s right up until the fall of the Eastern Bloc. It was also a truly terrible little car.

That hasn’t stopped one besotted owner handing his car over to the folks at Vilner Garage though. You may remember Vilner from projects such as this E30 M3 or this really rather blue Datsun 280Z – the Bulgarians clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to modernising classics.

For the Trabi, they started by swapping out the original two-stroke engine for a 1.1-litre unit from a Mk1 VW Polo. That means a whopping 45bhp and 55lb ft under the bonnet. Easy tiger!