Yes, it’s another scissor-doored, roofless concept car at a motor show. No, it’s not your average slice of vapourware, because this one actually works. Sort of. It’s Karma’s next generation: a fully electric hypercar concept.

It’s called the SC1 Vision, and signposts the company’s newfound ambition. Because nothing screams freedom like a batsh*t, scissor-doored electric hypercar. This one sits on an all-new platform that Karma wants to roll out for the next generation of its low-volume, luxury cars.

“Like many companies, our Vision car begins to highlight some things that we’re really pushing,” explains Karma’s chief technology officer Bob Kruse. “And it’s also unlike a lot of concept cars, because it’s a fully driveable vehicle.”

So, the Vision car sits on a new, fully electric architecture. (The 2020 Revero in contrast, is a heavily reworked version of the old Revero – itself a reworked Fisker Karma – with a 1.5-litre BMW engine powering a generator that charges the batteries.)