Karma Automotive has shown off three brand new cars at this year’s Shanghai motor show. One’s a mad, scissor-doored roofless electric hypercar while two are electric GT cars. Both of those, you will note, are rather attractive.

Let’s deal with the real one first. In red, it’s called the Revero GT, and is a substantially re-engineered version of the old Revero, itself a reworked version of the old Fisker Karma.

So it’s electric, but gets an on-board generator powered by BMW’s three-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine. BMW also uses this same engine in the i8, so it’s got form powering a bit of class, only in this Karma application, it actually just charges up the batteries on the go.

Why a BMW engine? “We’re not going to make our own internal combustion engine,” Karma’s chief tech officer Bob Kruse tells TopGear.com. “It’s an advanced, small displacement engine that packages nicely in our vehicle. It helps us lower our weight, and get enough power.” You’re looking at around 540bhp on the rear axle, and a 4.5secs 0-60mph time that’s a full second faster than the old car.