It’s time to *record scratch* rewind and take it back to the old-school. See, having spent the last few years swanning around the world shooting the best supercars on the streets of California, Japan and Monaco, you may think that Alex Penfold would have gone full tilt diva and forgotten about his roots. But you’d be wrong. He still skulks around England’s capital to seek out the finest cars on our fine city’s streets. And he’s still very good at it.

Having returned from his far-flung travels, our supercar paparazzo has been on a tireless quest chronicling the recent explosion of exotica strewn expensively around our ancient streets. Scamping around the streets, he’s eaten out of bins and slept in an old TV box to make sure he spots the finest four-wheeled cars in Zone 1. This may be an exaggeration. But as you can see, he’s managed quite the haul of hypercars. With a flock of McLaren Sennas, the new Ferrari F8 Tributo and a host of gorgeous classics to name a few, there’s plenty out there.