Maybe. It’s the hardcore Trophy version of the Renault Megane RS. The trouble is we’ve pretty much already driven it.Really? Can’t you remember?It’s not that so much as it shares chassis and suspension settings with the Cup version of the standard car. A reminder: you can have a boggo Renaultsport Megane for £27,835, and for another £1,500 add the Cup pack (Torsen limited slip diff, red brake calipers, hydraulic bump stops and stiffer springs, dampers and anti-roll bars).And the Trophy is just that with a bit more power?

Just tweaked the 1.8’s turbo have they?Far from it. Apparently the existing cylinder head didn’t have the necessary cooling and stiffness to cope with the extra temperature and loadings, so had to be completely redesigned. Trouble was the internal Renault department that needed to carry out the CFD analysis of the new designs was booked solid for several months. So Renaultsport got in touch with the F1 team, and less than a week later they had the results back. As ever, there’s no parts or even tech carryover from track to road, but speed and process is something F1 can help the road car people with.In addition, the turbos now spin (at almost 200,000rpm) on ceramic bearings, reducing friction by a factor of three, lowering noise and improving response times. The spindle tolerances are also finer, so it uses the air more efficiently. It all sounds rather a lot of work to go to when the end result (296bhp @ 6000rpm and 295lb ft @ 3200rpm) is no more than class average. But then Renault only has 1.8 litres of capacity to call on when most rivals have at least 200cc more.